Ever gotten into a relationship too fast and gotten hurt really badly? Well, it’s the same for trading. If you dive head first into the forex market without proper experience and practice, you are mostly likely getting yourself into some serious trouble. That’s why before you are ready to tackle the world of trading, here are some apps you can use to better understand and familiarize yourself with trading.

  1. Trading game

For any traders who want to chill and take your time learning trading, The Trading game is perfect for you. Go through every of their fun trading lessons to fully understand how trading works. They even provide tips and tricks from professionals to further enhance your learning. Improve on your trading skills step by step and once you are ready, go onto their real time trading simulator to test out what you have learnt. Take on financial instruments such as currency pairs, stocks, commodities and even cryptocurrencies. If you ever lost your way again just take their trading quizzes to get you back on track and to bring your trading skills to a level higher. You will soon realise that profit is always there for the taking but timing is key.

  1. Bloomberg

If you love reading and trading then this is the app for you. Bloomberg keeps you up to date with their global business and finance news. You can never doubt their standing as the world’s most trusted source of news. Eyeing on a certain company’s stock or just interested in its performance? Just keep it in your watchlist and you will never miss out on a single piece of information on it. Also, manage your portfolio easily and keep the positive numbers going. There is even live videos which doesn’t require any subscription which you can get more insights on the market with.

3. FxStreet

This app covers the most traded currency pairs with economic data, news and other sort of information that might affect currency prices. With 175-225 piece of news each day, you will be able to keep up with the markets easily. They are provide forex trading analysis by experts and banks analysts to help you to make a better decision. FxStreet has also added a new foreign exchange feature to ensure market signals are triggered at the most accurate timings.

  1. GoForex

For any beginners and anyone who wants to learn about Forex, this is the right app for you. Pick up trading in the blink of an eye with their expertly crafted and simple trading lessons. Before you know it, you will have learnt more than what hours of reading might have gotten you. This is the best way to polish up on your basics and to strengthen your fundamentals. Take their quizzes to increase your knowledge about the forex market. Make as many mistakes as you want at the real time trading simulator and just continue to improve each day.

  1. Etoro

After getting hands on and you still find that you are not confident enough to jump into the forex markets yourself, don’t worry! There are alternative forms of trading such as social trading where you let professionals do the trading for you. At etoro, the world’s largest social investment network, pick from the fields of traders out there to help you earn money. Besides investing on others, you can also learn from those trader’s strategies and tips. If you want to learn more, just head onto their online discussions to learn more about the financial markets. If you finally get confident enough, build on your portfolio and let others follow you instead!

With proper practice and learning, trading will be at the tip of your fingers! Try one of those apps today and you could be well on your way to becoming the next