5 Cool Inventions Technology Has Made Possible

Courtesy Waverly Labs

If you’ve ever geeked out after watching a sci-fi film and look forward to the day when flying cars finally become a reality– then you’re in good company.

As the world we live in becomes increasingly more complex and highly technological, inventions that were once only imagined are slowly infiltrating the real world. Here we look at the top 5 coolest inventions that’s sure to make anyone say, ‘Just take my money!’

1.   Every Nomads Dream: Real-Time Translators

How many times have you visited a foreign country and hoped you could mingle with the locals by understanding what they say? Indeed, becoming multi-lingual is something that many people, particularly travelers, long for. But these days, you don’t have to worry about appearing like a fool anymore, especially if you can just pop in these bad boys and let them do all the hard work for you. Currently, the headphones can translate 15 languages in real time, which is pretty gosh darn amazing.

2. The Jacket of the Future

If you live in a place with unpredictable weather (which is pretty much everywhere, thanks global warming!) and is more likely to get cold than the average person, then you’d love this self-heating jacket. Especially made for people who love the great outdoors, this apparel from the future can rapidly heat up to 50°C within just 6 minutes. What’s great is you can also control the temperature to the kind of heat you like with the jacket’s own app. Truly, an invention made to battle against what’s likely to be a very cold future – again, thanks to global warming (but mostly to humankind who made this global predicament possible).

3. Every Ready, Solar Battery

Have you ever been with friends and lost track of time, only to realize your phone’s battery is down to one percent? Don’t panic, for as long as there’s sun out you can still call that uber thanks to this nifty new invention called solar chargers. Now, you don’t have to worry about not bringing your chargers or missing your curfew at the same time!

4. The Food Analyzer

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or deathly allergic to almost everything on the planet, a nifty little gadget that can tell you what’s exactly in the food you’re about to eat can go a long way. What used to be only possible in large and sophisticated laboratories, can now be done through this pocket-friendly invention which gives you the precise nutritional information you need by scanning your food. Now, you can eat stress-free!

5. For the Love of Bread

If you can’t possibly imagine a future without toasted bread, apparently, you’re not the only one. Korean designer Been Kim couldn’t live without this breakfast staple, so much so that he invented a portable toaster which can heat up your toast simply by sliding over it.

With the help of data and technology, innovative companies, designers and inventors have really stepped up their game to come up with products that not only help and entertain – but amaze you as well.