Around tens of thousands of new malicious programs are being developed every day which causes extreme threat to cyber security. It can lead you to lose all your personal and sensitive information. If you are looking to buy antivirus program than why not try bitdefender this time?

Bitdefender is one of the most sort after antivirus security software.  Its outstanding performance, high customer rating, note worthy features and versatility has resulted it to become one of the best antivirus software in the world.  With its hottest features and technology, it helps you stay updated and provide maximum level of protection. Some of its new features include advanced threat defense, firewall, continuous updates, safe files, webcam protection etc. Bitdefender users get the latest versions of Bitdefender directly through product updates. However, one may note that some features will not be available with basic packages.


With growing intent usage, ransomware threat is rising day by day. It means that all your important files are encrypted and you can operate them until and unless you provide some ransom in exchange of its release. Bitdefender gives great protection against such malicious attacks. Now, it offers even quicker detection services with added notifications so that you are always updated and keeps any threat at bay.

Wi-Fi Security Advisor

While going to different places, we tend to connect to different Wi-Fi hotspots like in malls, tourist places, cafes, parks, airports. But have you ever wondered that it can affect your personal information? May be these connections are not secure and let enter malware programs in your device. With bitdefender WI-Fi security advisor, such networks do go under scanning. When you get connected to a certain Wi-Fi hotspot it checks for security loopholes that are dangerous for your device; if it detects any such case, it automatically notifies you and takes the best action to safeguard your device and your privacy.

System Tune-up with Disk Cleanup

Bitdefender anti-malware is not just a security solution but it attempts to provide you most favorable experience when you use your device. To optimize system of your device, they come with a number of great tools to let your computer run smoothly and efficiently, it have Tune-up includes Disk Clean Up feature, so that your PC can be free from all the muddle.

User Interface

Because the numbers of bitdefender users are increasing day by day it make sure that its clients have a user friendly experience while using the software. This is why it is designed to have an easy access to a variety of features from the instinctive menu located on the left side of the main bitdefender window. For remote management, it has come up with sleek and smooth interface and a new dashboard so as one can manage cyber security more easily.

Parental Advisor

With parental advisor feature, you can easily check what your children are doing online. You can set up and control your children’s accounts on shared devices. You can use it on as many devices as you can and can easily set up as many accounts as you wish for. This feature is not available with basic packages.

Bitdefender is one antivirus that is enough to manage your cyber theft needs. You can get it on additional discount by using bitdefender promo code. It’s one antivirus that is efficient in encountering any kind of online threat that can compromise your private information from getting into wrong hands.