The way we fax documents has evolved significantly in the past decades, and now you do not have to own an old fax machine to fax any type of document. There is one much better and faster way of faxing and that is to fax from Gmail by using your Gmail account. This can be used by all companies, businesses and even individuals. Using this low cost technology can bring you many benefits, so here is how you can get the most out of it.

In order to fax from Gmail you need to have an email account on the service. Then Gmail assigns you a virtual fax number that will be linked to your Gmail account, so all the faxes you receive will arrive directly to your inbox. These fax services can also work with other email providers, but Gmail is the best account to use because Google is famous for its great features regarding categorizing and sorting different documents. Besides that, you also have access to Google Drive where you can store all faxes you receive and share them if you want.

When you open a Gmail account you will receive a fax number that you can use free of charge. You do not have to install anything or go through complicated setup process. All you have to do is choose between using local or toll-free number when you sign up to the Google service. What you choose largely depends on which numbers are available in your local area.

Faxing is done in five easy steps. First you open your Gmail account and click on the ‘Compose’ button. Then on the ‘To’ field you have to enter the fax number where you wish to send the document to. Third step is to enter the message you wish to appear on the main page. Fourth step is attaching your document and final step is sending it. It is as simple as it sounds. Gmail also gives you the opportunity to ‘broadcast’ a fax document, which means you can send the same fax document to several receivers instantly without wasting any time. This is done in same way as you send email to many people at once. Just add recipient numbers in the CC field and all numbers you enter will receive your fax.

Another great feature of Gmail faxing is that you can also easily integrate it with your smartphone. With this feature you can receive notifications about incoming faxes, view them, sign them electronically, and then forward them to other recipients. So, all in all, Gmail faxing is done very easily and much faster than doing it by the traditional way. Make sure you try several different fax services and select the one that is best suitable for your business needs. Consider the number availability, speed of delivery and Gmail compatibility and start faxing from your email address today. You no longer have to rely on old fax machines, so take advantage of everything Gmail has to offer.