Ecommerce is full of challenges like what products to sell, how to minimize overheads etc. One of the methods online retailers use is the Dropshipping retailing.

Dropshipping retailing is the way of selling your products without actually storing them in your inventory.

This style is widely used by most of the online Retail giants.

They purchase the product from a third party and ship it straight to the customers so the intermediate step of storing the goods is skipped.

Its working model is completely different from the normal retailing due to major variations in the steps involved.

The advantages of Dropshipping style of business are:

  • Less Investment is required
  • Best for a quick start store
  • Much less overhead costs
  • Very flexible system as only an operating system is required

Dropshipping is practised by many Online Sites like Ebay, Flipkart etc. They all usually collaborate with wholesalers to fulfill the demands of their customers.

There are many recent trends in the E-commerce market who are dealing in Dropshipping. To maximise the efficiency of this work-model some of these are very effective.

1. Utilizing Social Media

This is the most widespread and popular way of marketing your products online. We spend most of our time scrolling through Instagram, Snapchats etc., many Brands and stores have used this strategy to expand their customer base. It is free of cost and works pretty good.

2. Products to sell 

Since there is no storage involved so the retailers are free to choose from a huge range of products. But for the long term you must focus on the products that customers are preferring in the Dropshipping retail business.

Winds are changing every moment therefore you must keep an eye on the response of the customers and act according to it.

With all the experience and accurate market analysis you should be able to figure out what products to sell.

For eg., the products that are performing extremely great in 2017 are Laptop backpacks, Skeleton watches and Sweaters etc.

3. Make it Handy

The overgrowing use of smartphones has taken over the Computers. If you are an E-commerce seller you must have an User-friendly Mobile app.

Earlier it was optional but now it is a necessity.

With all the advancements, setting up an application for your store is not a big deal but it should have some qualities like smooth Interface, customer services and so on.

Make it easier for your customers to shop with you and you can surely generate more revenue. Be proactive and organize your operations with inventory management softwares and make it easy for your customers across platforms.

4. Niche Market targeting

In the long run you must select a Niche and work hard to be the best in that business. That is how you Outshine your competitors and earn yourself a Name.

For eg. you choose Men Winter-wear, now you have to provide the most diverse and unique collection of winter-wear such that your customers always keep coming back to you. Your Emphasis should be on reaching out to the maximum target customers.


5. Keep track of your competitors-

This is an important one to remember. To make sure you are not left behind when the opportunities are present you must monitor the actions of your rivals in the market and the customers’ response to it.

By this, you can take calculated steps to improve your business. You can figure out the demand pattern in different customer groups and then frame you policies according to it.