Every year, it feels like the world of information tech is changing at a pace we can’t keep up with. The average layman tends to think of a subject, wondering how great it would be if that technology existed. Usually, it turns out it does exist, and has done for some time!

New trends and predictions are made all the time with regards to information technology. As we come toward the close of 2017, let’s take a look at some interesting predictions that have come to fruition as 2017 has progressed and 2018 dawns.

  • Smart Living. One of the first major trends that has really moved on in 2017, and will continue to do so in 2018, is smart homes. People used to laugh at the idea of turning the heating on when driving home from work via your smartphone, but that’s old-hat tech by now.

We expect to see major advancements as the likes of Apple and Google charge headlong into the world of smart living. Expect a more seamless experience, rather than fragmented individualism that exists at present where many people have multiple apps all controlling one singular piece of hardware.

  • Automated Living. This is a part of modern IT and tech that scares most people; automation. Robots coming to take our jobs. 2017 seen automation take a unique leap forward, with the development of ‘robotic journalists’ coming to fruition; something to frighten freelancers everywhere.

While the push in 2017 will definitely see some industries vanish into the night, 2018 will likely see a continuation of the promise of stronger machine learning and heightened accuracy even in subjects once seen as ‘too complex for machines’.

  • The VR World. While most people still just see Virtual Reality hardware as allowing us to take video gaming to the next level, it has a purpose outside of entertainment. 2017 has seen a more mainstream introduction of everything from walk-around VR recreations of real estate to giving people a first-hand sample of test-driving a new car. 2017 seen the veil being lifted and the tech becoming commonplace; now we expect to see new features and capabilities arising in 2018.

The VR world has been growing steadily for some time, but with the idea of VR making its way from entertainment to serious commerce and marketing, a new future most likely awaits VR.

  • Delivered Gratification. From the creation of Amazon Pantry that can see even the most obscure items brought to your doorstep to new and improved transport and food delivery services like never before, delivery and getting what we want faster than ever is only going to grow larger. As IT sees constant improvements in drone tech, too, the methods of delivery in 2018 are likely to become even more mind-blowing.

2017 seen a quantum leap forward in how we do everything from order food to hitching a ride; 2018 is likely to see us move even further beyond that, too, into even more ambitious – but sometimes worrying – technological progressions.