In this digital era, internet is the part of our daily life. From buying home items to finding treatment of diseases or new design ideas our fingers take us straight to the web browser. No doubt, it has made things very easy and is a great innovative way to make people feel contended. As this field is the hotbed of innovations, now a number of malicious programs have also been created to take advantage of the loopholes present in the cyber world to steal confidential information of people.

Adware, viruses, Trojans, spywares etc. are collectively called as malware. With the increase in the use of internet, we have become more prone to some malevolent hackers. According to a report, around tens of thousands of such malicious programs are being created every day. It is not only alarming but is a great threat to our confidential information. Particularly when online transactions have became common these days.

Not only this but such malicious programs can enter your computer from a lot of ways including the use of infected USB cables, pen drives or in form of emails or from downloaded applications or by visiting websites or even with the use of social media. These programs can erase your data, can prevent you from using some programs, redirect you to different links, steal your information, allow remote access to your computer and can even get it crash down.

Usually these malicious software attacks the PC by utilizing loop holes which are areas of codes in an operating system or program which can be used to give the viral code more access to the contaminated device.  As a result, software in your computer needs to be updated regularly so that such loopholes are not patched in your device. The viral code exploits the loophole to raise its own rights and as a result, gains full access to the computer. It is for this reason that performing updates on your computer’s software regularly is of critical importance as these software updates more often than not will “patch” loopholes.

It is also to be noted that it is not that Macs are not prone to such attacks. But, actually the fact is that Windows are more economical and easy to use option over Mac and Linux. As a result windows PCs are a bigger target for hackers.  Moreover, you must note that Windows have its in-built, free antivirus program which many people turn off. However they should not be shut off. But with the everyday growing technology you need to provide your computer increased level of protection.


Antivirus software like bitdefender is definitely a must for anyone using their computer with an internet connection. To protect your computer from malware, you need to get an anti malware software as soon as possible. In market both free and paid anti-virus are available with varying features and system. They will prevent malicious application from entering your device, detect if any of them in its virus definitions is present or not, detect behaviors and functioning of different apps and help your computer get rid of them completely thus saving a lot of your personal information from getting stolen.