In this modern era, where internet has become an important platform things have become easier and faster.  Most of things can be easily done with internet use. However, with time number of malicious programs have been developed that can cause a lot of problems to your PC.  Hackers use loopholes to get access of your information with malpractices.  As a result all your confidential details are at a great threat. These files may come from unknown sources that you might not be able to track their presence in your device like spam emails, websites, USB cables, pen drives, with software etc.

You must have also seen, your files automatically deleted, you are redirected to unknown address, computer gets slow down, task manager is disabled and computer even crashes at times all of a sudden. In recent years cases related to internet fraud and hacking has increased up to a great extent. As a result your computer needs a program or software that protects it from such malicious programs.

There are many hackers which create and spread millions of new viruses every single minute around the world. They might do it just for fun to damage your system or to collect your private information such as your email or ATM password, social login credentials, your bank account info and your personal details. We often tend to save our password and account details on the website while we make any transaction or login to our accounts which also make us prone to such cyber attacks.

The most important reason to get an anti-virus is to protect your personal information like resumes photographs, passwords and bank account details. Once you install an antivirus like bitdefender into your computer it keeps a check on activity of every single application. It cleans duplicate files, detect and clean malware which are installed in its virus dictionary.  This type of program needs regular updates and its scanning process doesn’t require internet connectivity.

Moreover, some antivirus try or detect new virus definitions which are not installed in its dictionary by monitoring functioning of different applications so that your computer get rid of even the new and unknown malware sources. This type of scanning is called heuristics which has ability to block new viruses. Also, some advanced antivirus use cloud based scanning where the antivirus runs on the PC and establishes connection to the server in cloud.

However, to use such advanced antivirus software you require an internet connection so that it is able to scrutinize what is going on across your network. In some applications above mentioned techniques are used collectively to provide better efficiency by reporting suspicious activities on the cloud and block irrelevant programs.

Also, companies in the corporate sector spend a lot of bucks ever year to secure private information of their clients which is stored in company records. Believe it, it is not a purchase but an investment to ensure that all your details are not getting into wrong hands. Don’t forget to update these applications on the regular basis as it is really essential to keep it updated about latest virus definitions.