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TechWorkshop.net is a subsidiary of Viral Media and it is the destination that provides guidance, tutorials, news, trends, hacks and beyond. We provide access to key influencers across all categories mentioned at website. Also, we offer credible engagement of senior professionals and influencers from across industry via our leading content and social reach.
We are also giving opportunity to authors to contribute their unique ideas that can be helpful for our blog readers.

What we accept?

We are accepting Guest and Sponsored posts on below categories for now.

  1. Technology
  2. Business & Finance
  3. Marketing & Branding
  4. Products and General
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Legal & Insurance
  7. Fashion

Why Tech Workshop f(Viral Media)?

  1. Subsidiary of Viral Media
  2. Engaged with 2K+ Editors and Key Influencers
  3. Great Platform to Market Your Content
  4. Strong Domain & Page Authority
  5. High Volume Web Traffic

Guidelines that you must read before submission-

  1. You must submit a 600+ words article including 2 pictures.
  2. Your post should be related to above mentioned categories
  3. Content should be unique. If our plagiarism tool found your content duplicate then we will deny your content.
  4. Your content should be informative. Don’t submit content with marketing theme.
  5. If you are giving images from other sources or search engines then provide image sources. All the images and shared content will be remove if we get any complaint related to content and images.Send 1-2 website links, blog or product link related to your post that you want to add in the article.
  6. After getting your content we review content and images quality and once reviewed it will be published within next 24 hours. We notify authors by email once content published.
  7. If you think that Tech Workshop is a perfect platform to publish your content then send your content for review at editor@techworkshop.net with “Guest Post Submission” in the subject line.

    Please include the following things before submitting post-

  • Your Name.
  • Website URL (if applicable).
  • Post title.
  • The body of your post (Between 500 – 800 Words).
  • Attach any 2 images or more related to post! (Mandatory).
  • A short author bio.